Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Presentation Day

Art Sculpture Competition

Our group the Can-tastic won 3rd place out of 12 groups. The competition took place behind the Weatherspoon art museum in the Sculptural garden. Our theme to begin with was "A Can-Scape", but after completing it, we didn't like it so we took it down. Then we decided to build a village, didn't like that. We decided to build a tower, to see how tall we could get, didn't work and we tore it down. So in the end, we did something totally different from any other group, IMAGINE THAT! Instead of stacking the cans, we layed them down on the ground and created out concept for the Northern Guilford schools, "Association to Trees". We branched out the cans to create a garden of life.


Northern Guilford High School Students Visit UNCG

For this project we took the art students from Northern Guilford High School around the UNCG campus, around our studio buidling and also participated in a charette with them. At the end of the day, we took all of their art work from their charette activity and made a mural wall--that is displayed in our space now. We had alot of fun with the students and their art teacher Wade.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

GAMMA Project

Group collaboration about what we were going to do with the studio space.

AHHH let us out! The final wall being put up! WE'RE DONE! YAY as we yell across our 3rd floor studio space letting everyone know that we were finally done. NO MORE NOISE!

Melanie trying to get a good shot of the wall, but you know me and if I see a camera I pose! lol. Couldn't miss the opportunity Melanie sorry. :-D

Jess smilin' it up! The final night--Oh what a great night! Good job team.

The final panel being cut. Jovana, Angela, and myself trying to help Doug out by holding the board secure. Way to go Doug!

Taking a break and enjoying the natural lighting!
This is one of our first rennovations--taking down the cubical panels!

Melanie is always up to trouble and somehow I always seem to get involved! lol.
This was also one of the first things we did as a class, take down the locker systems to make a new one!

Go Jackie Go!
Stacking the panels to take down to storage!

These next few pictures show the process of clearing out the room and getting things ready to take down to storage!

Yeah Megan (in blue hat) holding her paint brush-- just finished the orange strip on the opposite wall. Gabe, Melanie and myself on the other hand are having a little trouble fixing the wall panels on the wall! It wasn't easy. However, by the end of the day Doug came and Doug and I had the system figured out!

Again--Melanie and I acting crazy and Jackie (on her blog), I AM DEFINETELY GOING IN! If I had known it was going to be so much work--I would have stayed in! lol

Janel and I, moving the lockers.

Gabe and I working on the scaffolding, while Rachel is cheezing for the pictures. Gabe and I were trying to get the crossword puzzle measured out.

Final Project for Northern Guilford Middle School

Our art courtyard space represents, Creative Journey, which Jackie and I have used for our concept.  Creative journey to us meant: Engaging all of the five senses through collaboration, exploration, and experimentation.  We have also used active learning, which includes visual learning, kinesthetic learning/tactile learning, and verbal learning.  We as design team wanted to create an atmosphere that would give students and teachers to enjoy the space, as well as be taught in the courtyard space.  

the amphitheater space encourages students, teachers, and also the whole community to gather for theatrical arts, band concerts, choir concerts, and etc.   This space also connects to the living machine with an aqueduct attached to the back of the polycarbonate awning!  This aqueduct engages the sense of sound with rain water flowing down the aluminum aqueduct.  The awning itself is created to absorb sound with the elevated ceiling and excavated amphitheater seating.    

These axonometric's show the space from the (left picture) east wall looking north west and (right picture) west wall looking north east.  These spaces will be talked about in the following perspectives.

These pictures are of the collaboration areas that allow eating areas and classroom settings.  The picture to the left is more for classroom setting.  The picture on the right is used for cafeteria seating, as well as lounge chairs that break off from the tables.  The courtyard in this area allows for movement in the space with it's wide open pathway to the next area.

The picture to the left is again of people engaging in collaboration throughout the eating space.  The picture to the right allows one to see the datum lines, which create the "banner walk" of school spirit.  These vertical flags will be an opportunity for our client to include their own perception of what is important to the school and their school spirit.

The picture to the left is a picture showing the art/classroom space.  In this space, Jackie and I have created interactive walls that will allow students to create artwork and then use the filing system to dry the work (behind the guys sitting down).  The interactive walls are on a tracking system that allows one to turn the panel and slide it toward the datum line, opening up the space even more.  So the space is always changing and easy for students to use, while creating new spaces.  The picture on the right, shows the end of the banner walk, which arrives at the amphitheater.  

These two perspectives show the mural wall and the interactive wall.  These two walls are back to back on the datum line wall space.  The music wall is like a huge xylophone, however, with different materials, different orientations and different scales.  The mural wall is created more for the 8th grade class, which will be able to leave their mark when going to high school.  This will allow the 8th grade to create  a piece of art that can be admired for a year until the next year gets ready to leave.