Wednesday, March 25, 2009


For this project I am working with another student named Jackie. Jackie and I are redesigning the art courtyard. We have decided to take the concept "Creative Journey" and show students, faculty, and the community the beauty of art. Art comes in all forms, whether it be sculpture, textiles, paintings, graffiti, music, drama, and many other forms. I have found out through research that children learn the most through play, as well adults. For our project we are trying to incorporate collaboration, experimentation, observation, and organization, while allowing students to learn while they have fun. (pictures: most recent sketches to beginning of project)

This picture shows a collaboration to the left and a display area to the right. The collaboration area is more for quiet reading areas or small group gathering. The display area is designed specifically for art displays. This is located on the north wall.

This is a layout of circulation throughout the space. We were looking at where the best location for someone to access the space. This is not what we went with.

This perspective shows the datum lines and the foliage that makes up the courtyard area. This perspective shows that we were proposing that there would be two entrances and that the users would decide on the "journey" they took.

Again, the collaboration area and display area. The grass area shown in front of the display wall represents an amphitheater setting to view the art work.

This is another circulation experimentation--trying to see if giving the users two entrances would be the best fit for the project. We decided it wasn't.

This perspective represents the art courtyard with two entrances (green arches), canopy awnings (red), view ports (front fence) and the art space in the back with the two doors.

This perspective shows that instead of a collaboration area in the corner, we were proposing something totally different--a swing set. This swing set, we were hoping, would intrigue students and other users to journey through the whole courtyard area and enjoy swinging through the fresh air.

This perspective is a close up of the amphitheater seating and display wall. The purple shapes represent the awning canopies.

This drawings represent circulation. We were especially experimenting with the art patio.

This drawing shows the drum set and xylophone sets.

This drawing shows experimentation with cafeteria seating. Also the placing of the seating.

This shows the art sculpture garden. Our intention behind these sculpture pieces was that they would act as another form of playful creativity. They could be looked at for enjoyment, climbed on for fun, and set on for relaxation. It's how one perceived the piece is how one experienced it.

This drawing was showing the excavated amphitheater seating in front of the display wall.

This was also playing with putting the art patio in the middle of the classroom with all of the other activities surrounding it.

The picture on the left is the footprint we were dealing with. The picture on the right was the display area.

The picture on the left shows seating that would function as seating, as well a partition that divided the courtyard from the existing eating area. The picture on the right shows the display area and seating that would function as a seat and storage.

The picture above is [laying with circulation and what we wanted to take place in the courtyard.

This next few pictures show the proposal of one entrance and concentrating on more collaboration areas then anything else.

collaboration and classroom space planning.

The red shows where the activities take place and the green shows where the circulation takes place.

This drawing shows the display sculpture garden in the middle of the courtyard with collaboration seating around the garden.

this is an idea of putting a canopy over the whole courtyard.

The numbers represent the classrooms (mostly the art classroom, but the others are encore (extra curriculum activities). The seating represents the amphitheater seating and also seating facing the art patio for collaboration.

This seating is playing with the existing light poles in the art courtyard. The seating was mainly for collaboration and cafeteria seating.

Another perspective showing the amphitheater seating and the display wall.

This drawing is using our process to help come up with a circulation plan, along with space planning.

This drawing is playing with different types of seating located near the art patio and amphitheater.

This drawing shows a pretend water wall coming off the side of the building (south side), which would be made up of LED lights.

This idea is using shapes to create movement and rhythm within the courtyard.

This drawing is playing with the ideas that the grass would literally extend off the ground creating a grass covered arch that one could enter into.

This drawing is playing with canopies in different spots of the courtyard allowing for light studies to be created for the students.

more process, product design and locating them on the circulation plan.

Another collaboration idea for seating.

This drawing shows the collaboration area to the right, and an interactive wall that can be creative by users of the space (they are building blocks).

these drawings were drawn by me during church (whoops) for process and brainstorming about products and circulation.