Friday, January 30, 2009

lecturn study and design

All of these drawings are drawings out of my sketchbook that emphasizes the different ideas that I had for designing a new lectern. Stated before on my blog, while designing for the new lectern, I tried to stay focused on the artistic value and the function. I scanned in all the sketches that I created, however, I only chose certain drawing that I felt worked the best for this project. These certain drawings are indicated by the white part of the sketchbook, where everything else has an overlay shadow.

1. (top picture --green and yellow) This design is a design that allows one to make the lectern their own. The person using this space can move the pieces around to make themselves comfortable. (bottom--yellow and blue) This design or based on the artistic view rather than mobility. However, it has different spaces that allow you to store your personal belongings, as well as classroom needs (computer, projector, etc.)

2. I really felt that these drawings spoke to me as far as shape and functionality. These creative shapes allowed me to incorporate the artistic value along with making the person feel important.

3. This drawing is one of my favorite drawings that I created. I think that it works well with the space, it's not so big and it still allows one to store the computer or projector, sit at a desk or stand at the podium.
4. This drawing is also one of my favorite because it also deals with penetration (pushing and pulling) of the objects (microphone, lighting, laptop, etc.). The blue part is used to pull out and roll to the specific place you want to work out. For example, if you wanted to present your work at the projection screen, you can move your work table/station there.

Charette 1 step one, two and three

For this project, our class was given a piece of the painting "School of Athens", to give it our own modern twist. Patrick, our professor, gave us permission to use any type of paper and any kind of material. While having an Associates degree in fine arts, I thought this would be a great opportunity to use the techniques and tools I had learned from the fine arts department at Rockingham Community College. For my "modern creation" from the specific piece of the painting, I decided to use colored pencils, colored markers, colored pastels, chalk, and foam for 3d formation for the media. After we as individuals created our own piece, we came together as a whole class and created our new "modern School of Athens". Our class did this by piecing each piece together making a whole new painting with the old painting still visible through our new creation. We then made a section of our own building, Gatewood Studio Arts Center building, and overlayed it on the modern creation. This assignment was very fun, but also made us realize as a class that we work well together and get things together.

The picture to the left is a picture of our classes section of the Maud Gatewood Arts building. The picture to the right (top) is a picture our modernized school of athens. The picture at the bottom is my 4x6 card that describes IARC to me.

These pictures represent the School of Athens original painting with my section beside it (left side of picture) and my explorations with the sections before creating the final piece of work.

continued 01/30/09 lectern designs

These sketch-up models are ideas that we as a group had about the Lectern design. I created the model in sketch-up, however; our final lectern model changed a little bit. The lectern became open in the middle (where the tracking system shows on these model). The shelves changed a little becoming taller and not as wide as on here. This sketchup model taught us a lot, when it came to knowing what was necessary and what wasn't. We decided to simplify the lectern and make it not feel so dense and heavy.

These 2 perspectives below show the computer storage being closed with the LED lighting and microphones attached to the storage container for class.

These perspectives below show the computer storage. Also how the lectern invites you in. As well as having storage systems that would create enough space to store personal storage, as well as technical storage.

01/30/09 lectern designs


examples. 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 are designs that show an artistic value of the modern day lectern to me.  As a designer I thought about the necessities of the person who uses the space.  This lectern is a piece of sculpture, however, incorporates the function that needs to be considered as a teacher, presenter, or class preparation (e.g. power point).


examples 2.1 and 2.2 are designs that focus not only on the artistic values but on the simplicity, mobility and functionality form as well. I decided to make this design mobility and compactable to incorporate the importance and uniqueness of the individual using it. This design has moveable parts that allow one to make the shape that best suits them.

examples 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3 is designed more for the artistic approach, however, still allows for function to take place.  Teacher's have the ability to store there personal belongings in little cubby areas that are designed in shape.  Also, one has the opportunity to have a versatile desk space having the options of a comfortable desk or work table, a podium or high table to work at or present at.  Giving a person the options to work, again utilized their own individualism with the way they work or present best.